Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Exursion part 2: Day Two part 1: Tozeur part 1: Medina, Museum & Zoo

From this title you get the feeling that I had a jam-packed weekend...I began day two with an early morning tour of the Tozeur Medina (walled city). This was definitely the most authentic of the medinas I'd seen: still in use by the people who live there and with relatively few touristy shops.

We came across an amazing antique shop that had among other great finds these incredible ornate wood and brass traditional coffee grinders that must be at least one hundred years old.

Just outside the walled city we stopped to try the mythical yet real concoction portrayed in Ulysses' Odyssey: the liquer that was drank in the Land of the Lotus Eaters (which is in fact the Island of Jerba where we spent the following night- more on that to come) and caused the men to never want to leave. It is a slightly alcoholic beverage made of fermented date juice - it didn't taste too bad actually, though I didn't care for more than a sip (so I guess I won't be living here forever:)

Just behind me in the pic you'll notice some animal-material-looking dark bags - they are goat skins that hold cold water; it was unreal to feel how cold the bags were, although the water inside was a bit sweet in a not-sugary way...

Next we visited the rather amusing Dar Charait Musuem, a reproduction of a palace that houses a hodge-podge of artifacts and wax figures arranged in scenes of everyday household activities.

Our last stop before lunch (phew!) was the obligatory Tozeur Zoo with the usual sad-looking animals - mostly camels, birds and reptiles. The camels performed the requisite tricks such as the popular "drink a Coke/beer/anythingliquid trick:

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